Self-served 24/7 customer service

The Audi Service Station is a fully automated key drop-off and pick-up system, designed to increase customer satisfaction, cut costs and add revenue.

Satisfied customers

Your client can pick up car keys 24/7, only using the smartphone. No need to worry about opening hours or long queues during rush-hour.

Improved results

Automating the customer journey cuts the operational costs and adds revenue.

Secure and easy

The Audi Service Station is certified according to EN 1143-1. It can be installed outdoor or indoor, ready to use within hours. Onboarding and ongoing support provided.

How the Audi Service Station works

The customer makes a service appointment, receives a message with locker access on the mobile phone and deposits the key.

The car dealer is notified of the drop-off, and completes the service order.

After service, the customer receives notification and access to the locker on the mobile phone and can even make payment.

The customer has handled everything on the phone – Drop off, pick up and payment.

Web based portal gives dealers full control

Handle everything in the web portal. From simple key exchanges to payments and issuing replacement vehicles. Information can be extracted directly from the Volkswagen Group Backbone.

All you need is a phone

Let your clients make payments, drop-off and pick-up keys around the clock using their mobile phone. No apps need to be installed.

Secure cabinet

The robust Audi Service Station cabinet is built for outdoor installation and is certified according to EN 1143-1.

Handles payment

Making payment via the Service Station secures your invoice, since the customer can only unlock the key after payment. You decide which bookings require payment to unlock a key.

The Audi Service Station is ready to connect with PayPal, Klarna, Nets and other payment providers. You can decide which payment options you want to use.

Courtesy car

Let the Audi Service Station handle courtesy cars. Cars can be collected and handed back around the clock, as there is no need to meet with the client in person.

Easy set-up

The Audi Service Station is installed within hours. Power supply, internet connection and a solid foundation is all you need.

Optional integrations

Use it as standalone solution or integrate optionally with DMS systems, mobile payment providers and other third party solutions. Contact us and ask for a customized solution.

The cabinet has now become a full-fledged solution that helps us with the key drop-off and pick-up 24/7, including payment solutions that complete this.

It is also very good that the Service Station notifies us with an email as soon as a customer drops off a key. This gives us a full overview of key drop-offs also within opening hours. We see that the cabinet helps us so well that we foresee an extension with one cabinet per brand and at each main entrance for even better customer experience.

Kjetil Barli, Service Marketing Manager, GROMSTAD AUTO AS

Secure IT solution

  • All servers are located in a secure data center.
  • Traffic between servers and cabinets is end-to-end encrypted
  • User access is restricted and controlled by 2-factor authentication
  • Redundant architecture for high service grade
  • Sharebox has passed the IT security assessment of Audi AG

Technical specifications

  • Free standing safe according to EN 1143-1:2019
  • Automate and remote controlled
  • 18 lockers: 5,5 x 9,5 x 9,0 cm (H x W x D)
  • Color: According to the Volkswagen Group brand CI
  • Touch screen (with Volkswagen Group brand CI)
  • Height: 194 cm
  • Width: 70 cm
  • Depth: 30 cm
  • Weight: 355 kg
  • Power supply: 110-240V 50-60Hz
  • Consumption: 150W
  • Cabled internet connection (GSM/LTE back-up)


FG Godkjenningsbevis
Board of Norwegian insurers

EN 1143-1 Certification
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Danske sikringsguiden
Board of Danish insurers

Offer and pricing

Please enter your email address, and we will send you a detailed offer.

Included in the service

Openings per yearunlimited
Lockers available18
Web admin user licenses8
24/7 Functionality
Drop-off with appointment with web-link
Pick-up with appointment with web-link (incl. payment)
Drop off without appointment touch screen
Web application for dealer (as of September)
Customized touch screen
Customized adminweb
Customized weblink & e-mail/sms messages
Hardware in Volkswagengroup brand CI
Integration with API
Payment (Klarna, Nets, Paypal)
ERP/DMS (existing integrations)
Volkswagen Group BB integration
EN 1143-1 certified (freestanding)
Heating element and fan
Burglary sensor
Touch screen
GSM Back-up
Any key fits
Support & Service
Dedicated customer success manager for dealer
Dedicated onboarding team for dealer
English phone support for dealers 24/7

Optional add-ons

24/7 functionality

  • Opening with pin code (for locations with bad network)
  • Additional customer journey
  • Upsale feature

Integration with API

  • Additional external API integrations

Product features

  • QR-code reader
  • NFC reader
  • RFID reader
  • Battery backup
  • Weather protection

The contract duration is 36 months. For new markets, a pilot phase can be agreed on.

About Sharebox

Sharebox provides business access management solutions with API software for car dealers, car workshops, car rental or property managers. The business model is to design hardware and develop software for integrated solutions. With Sharebox you get a fully automated key exchange, integrated with DMS systems, mobile payment providers and other 3rd party solutions.

Sharebox that has its origin in Norway, shows rapid growth, being present in over 400 locations with around 100’000 users worldwide. It has a wide range of customers reaching from large OEM’s to single companies.